Large constructions projects inherently impact their local environment, but there are plenty of ways to incorporate green techniques to be eco-friendly.

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Many construction businesses, from drilling companies all the way up to roofers, have started to look for ways to incorporate eco-friendly practices into their operations. This is not just about saving money or doing the right thing for the planet – it also has to do with consumer demand.

Growing crises concerning global warming, habitat loss, and pollution, among other things, are getting a lot of people to look at how humanity is shaping the planet. What we’re coming to realize is that we have the power to cut our carbon footprint, reduce the damage we’ve done, and create a healthier environment for ourselves and future generations. We as consumers can affect such change just by rethinking some of the decision we make every day.

As a result, many consumers are beginning to demand products and services that live up to these eco-friendly ideals. Whether you’re looking for foundation contractors or builders for your particular project, there are a variety of ways to go green and incorporate environmentally-friendly construction techniques.

Assess Environmental Impact

Before a construction project even begins, builders must assess the potential environmental impact.  There are several organizations that can help. Auditors may consider elements like pollution, loss of plant and animal life, destruction of habit and impact to ecosystems, drain of resources, and more.

Often, you will need to hire several different professionals to ensure that a construction project meets all standards regarding environmental regulations, depending on the scope of the project. Any builder that wants to go the extra mile should use the environmental impact assessment as a springboard to greenify from the building foundation up.

Choosing Eco-Friendly Materials

In addition to doing less harm to the community and the surrounding ecosystem with a construction project, many clients and builders also choose eco-friendly materials. This could include using recycled or sustainable products or seeking locally-sourced materials (instead of importing goods), just for example.

Every aspect of new building projects, from the foundation construction to the interior and exterior of the structure, can be viewed under an eco-friendly microscope, so to speak, to determine how the choices in materials could have less impact.

Consider Set Standards

When in doubt, the best bet is to fall back on the advice of experts. Certification processes like LEED and Passive House (from the German Passivhaus) can act as a checklist for builders to improve the eco-friendliness of any construction project. With greener choices at every step, new construction can receive brag-worthy certifications along with a reduced environmental impact.