drilling matters

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The strength of a building’s foundation is one of the most important parts of engineering and construction.

It matters equally for a one-story home as it does for a skyscraper.

Without a strong foundation, the building can rack up expensive damages, not to mention cause harm to the people inside.

These are just two of the reasons good drilling matters. But, they are all most people need to take their foundation drilling seriously.

Here are some benefits of professional, well-done drilling.

1. Stop Sinking Before it Starts

A foundation sinks because of a shift in the ground.

This can be caused by an earthquake, a drought, or too much water (like in floods and hurricanes). Or, it can be the effect of poor drilling.

As such, a good drilling company is one who considers all aspects of a building project.

Beyond the blueprints and timeline, they look at the quality of the soil. Different soils have their own reactions to weather and weight.

Clay, for example, expands in wet conditions and contracts in dry climates. Gravel and other types of rocky soil can shift in the event of nearby construction. Fine sand shifts when wet, compromising the way larger particles in the soil settle together.

Each case has a unique set of construction solutions, but it all reinforces one thing — drilling matters.

2. Prevent Cracks

Sometimes, the effects of drilling can be seen on a building’s walls.

Due to the nature of different soils mentioned above, every structure is made to “move” a bit. A building might look strong and stable, but it is actually making small adjustments based on tension and compression forces.

Over time, this starts to show. In the event of bad drilling, it will show much quicker than expected.

This can look like:

  • Cracks in the walls and corners
  • Crumbling bricks/other materials
  • Chipped moldings

Don’t underestimate one small crack on a large building. Don’t panic over a big crack in your home, either.

There are ways to fix the issue at hand, but the first thing to do in any case is to contact the professionals.

3. Walk on Solid Ground

Walls aren’t the only part of a building that can shift because of drilling issues.

Drilling matters for anyone who wants to walk on a stable, steady floor.

Floors can sag when a foundation is not as strong as it should have been.

This could feel like a misstep, but actually be something much more serious. Sagging foundations can even create gaps between interior walls and the floors and ceiling areas they’re connected to.

4. Improve Air Flow

Gaps in a building with a bad foundation don’t just occur between walls and ceilings.

They can happen in entryways and window moldings, too.

When an exterior door or a window becomes loose, it lets a significant amount of air out.

This raises utility bills significantly, which is often the first red flag for a homeowner. Multiply the rate difference by a few thousand dollars, and that’s what a corporate building manager might expect to pay.

This isn’t just about a space being a few degrees hotter or colder.

The money piles up over time, and the building can become dangerous if these foundation signs aren’t taken seriously.

Drilling Matters: Know Your Options

The best way to prevent dealing with foundation problems is to start strong from the very beginning. A trustworthy, professional drilling company can ensure all your projects go as planned.

At Foundation Structures, we know drilling matters to your building today, tomorrow, and years from now.

Contact us today to discover the best drilling service for you.