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Bridges have long been regarded as one of the most interesting and intriguing structures made by man.

Over the last 3000 years, bridges have been built all over the world using a wide range of material types, in almost every architectural design imaginable.

In modern history, concrete has been a top choice for bridge construction due to its strength and durability. And, when bridges that were originally built using alternate materials have failed in some way, concrete repair has often restored them back to usefulness.

Concrete Built the Golden Gate

Concrete has been an important factor in the construction of many of today’s most well-known bridges.

Concrete played a monumental part in the building one of the most famous bridges in the United States and the World, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

The structure, spanning over one and a half miles, was originally built in the 1930’s using almost 400,000 cubic yards of concrete. While many different types of materials went into the bridge’s construction, concrete was the most used.

The concrete was used for paving, piers and fenders, anchorages and more on the bridge. Without concrete, construction of the world renowned bridge would have been virtually impossible.

The California landmark has been one of America’s favorites now for almost a century.

When Bridges Break

Like the Golden Gate and other famous bridges, sometimes historical significance would be reason enough to keep these structures standing. But, the truth is, most of the time, even the most awesome bridges serve a major purpose in the lives of those who use them regularly.

From the arch bridges built in Greece around 3000 years ago to those in use today, they have provided new possibilities since their inception.

Many Americans must depend on bridges to travel across areas that they otherwise would not be able to cross. Bridges aren’t just beautiful architecture. They are also a necessity to countless people.

When bridges break, cracks or their foundation is found to be threatened, it is much more economical to fix than to rebuild the structure entirely.

So, what’s the best way to restore a bridge that has been compromised?

Can concrete repair bridges that break?

Can You Count on Concrete Repair?

Concrete repair provides a dependable, economical solution for maintaining the integrity of an aging bridge.

It’s heavy weighted and long lasting, and much stronger than some of the other materials popularly used in construction throughout history, such as wood. It does not rot or rust, and even when it cracks, this is usually fair warning prior to any major mishaps that might occur.

Since bridges often connect land over water, it is very important that you choose the right foundation. And if the foundation will be submerged it can be an even more challenging process.

When a foundation is under water, it requires unique drilling techniques and the building materials must be trusted to withstand water.

There is also a challenge to the job itself when foundation construction has to be completed under water, sometimes at extreme depths. It can be very dangerous for workers.

Concrete can be poured and is moldable in its earliest stages, but once it sets, it’s one of the strongest surfaces around.

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If you have a challenging bridge or foundation restoration looming, can concrete repair your problem?

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