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South Street Bridge construction project for the City of Philadelphia


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Foundation Structures, Inc. is one of the premier drilled shaft contractors servicing parts of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. FSI specializes in the construction of large and small diameter drilled shafts (commonly called caissons), drilled piers, and drilled holes. We drill foundations for new construction, as well as provide predrilling for your support of excavation needs. Founded in 1996, FSI delivers a wide range of expertise to keep projects ahead of schedule and within budget.

Our fleet of company-owned equipment provides what is necessary for all foundation types and, most importantly, all schedules. Whether shafts of 110-foot long, 8-foot diameter for the FMC Tower in Center City Philadelphia, or drilling around the clock for SEPTA Emergency Bridge Replacement in Fort Washington, FSI has proven time and time again that we do what is necessary for each client.

Our dedicated staff provides quality service for any type of project, including but not limited to: commercial building construction, college campus expansions, new bridge structures, substation platforms, new transmission towers, retaining walls, low overhead clearance projects, and predrilling for support of excavation.

FSI is proud of the fact we take a proactive approach on every project, closely coordinating and communicating with our client to identify and eliminate issues before they develop. Capable of servicing multiple projects with multiple rigs, with diameters ranging from 1-foot to 12-foot, no project is too large, too small, or too fast. Foundation Structures completes projects accurately, on time, and on budget.

When you think drilled foundations, think Foundation Structures.