Scope of Work Included:

  • 57 caissons total
  • Diameter sizes of 96”, 84”, 72”, 60” and 36”
  • Over 1,150 vertical feet of 96” drilling
  • Over 500 vertical feet of 60” drilling
  • Over 600 vertical feet of 72” drilling
  • Included 15 foot rock sockets on all 96” diameter caissons

Challenges Recognized:

  • Fast paced schedule
    Solution: FSI utilized multiple rigs and 18-hour shifts
  • Eight caissons located between two active AMTRAK rail
    tracks and behind existing concrete structure
    Solution: FSI engineered casing pipe and pick plans that
    worked for the tight working space and railway loading
  • Reinforcing steel length of over 85 feet
    Solution: FSI prefabricated, picked, and installed each rebar
    cage as one unit


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